M&W Distribution Services: Have you ever been stuck in the vicious cycle of the automated phone attendant? Our dedication to this philosophy begins the moment that our receptionist answers the phone. Seemingly a small detail, it speaks volumes about our commitment to service on a personal level. At M&W our philosophy is “Sudden Service”.

  • A Customer Service Representative who will become your “one stop shop” for all of your needs.
  • M&W’s customer service representatives are empowered and will get you the answers quickly.
  • Our customer service team has an average of 12 years of hands on experience at M&W.
  • Long tenure + extensive experience + fast response + one stop shop = Sudden Service

Fastway Terminals:
Have you ever sent multiple LTL shipments to the same region with only a few miles between their final destinations? Or has your freight been forced to sit for extended periods of time, waiting for other LTL shipments to make a full truckload? These types of scenarios can cost you money and opportunities—but they don’t have to. You can dramatically lower costs and boost your efficiency when you consolidate your shipments with Fastway Terminals.

  • We offer flexible options for all types of freight including cross docking and cross-customer consolidation.
  • We leverage freight volumes so you get lower rates, improved service, shorter transit times and less handling of your freight.
  • We focus on your needs and timetable—not ours. We are the consolidation experts.

Intelligent Logistics Brokerage:
Don’t get lost in confusing modes, pricing structures, classifications, and compliance. Our experts help you see your options clearly so you can make the best possible decisions for your business. We’ll simplify your transportation process and provide you with a dedicated contact to solve all your needs. We will help you recognize more efficient transportation options.

We are the clear choice for all your supply chain needs:

  • Our transportation experts can help minimize cost and optimize efficiency.
  • Best combination of price and service for all your shipments
  • Extensive food and beverage experience
  • Diverse range of customer relationships offers knowledge that we apply directly to your business
  • We are passionate about solving supply chain problems.