M&W Logistics offers a wide range of logistics services to help get businesses’ products to the market on time, all the time. Our 1 Million square foot warehouses have rail served, food grade cool and ambient space with full racking, shelving, and bulk storage locations. With a specific facility for all types of requirements and products, M&W Logistics ensures that your product remains stored in the most appropriate manner and place. Your product will be managed with care from the second it arrives. Consequent to the arrival of your product, our in-house logistics management system gets to work with a series of measures aimed at providing the most functional storage and transportation option. Through a robust and high-end warehouse management system and state-of-the art scanning equipment, our systems provide our customer full visibility of their inventory as it is received, shipped, and everything in between We have specially designated services to comprehensively serve our customers’ needs. If your product requires special attention, our Value-Added Services department will find the most efficient and cost-effective means of completing the job correctly. We have deployed and mastered various processes to care for every kind of requirement and all sizes of logistics needs. M&W Logistics is truly your one-stop shop for all of your 3PL needs.

Logistics Services


All M&W facilities are rail serviced facilities. Our CSX Transportation rail serviced buildings provide direct access and reciprocal switching with several top-rated rail carriers. Efficiently, economically and ecofriendly logistics solutions can off-set transportation costs by utilizing M&W facilities to complete your supply chain requirements.


M&W cross dock warehouse services let you move products to customers without the time and cost of warehouse storage. Inbound materials are sorted and staged at our facilities and ready to ship within hours.

Freight Consolidation

Food and other commodities often arrive at the same destination-by partnering with M&W we can consolidate your shipments with others to deliver to the same consignees. Freight consolidation services, you pay only for your portion of the load.